Andreessen horowitz ria

Andreessen horowitz ria

Andreessen horowitz has revealed that it is transitioning from being a venture capital (vc) firm to a registered investment advisor (ria).

Andreessen horowitz has converted itself from being a venture capital (vc) firm to a registered investment adviser (ria). The 10-year-old firm, founded by marc andreessen and ben horowitz, filed in march to become an ria, as it seeks greater flexibility in its investments, particularly when it comes to cryptocurrencies, said margit wennmachers, an operating partner at the firm, reported cnbc.

Share andreessen horowitz has filed to become a registered investment advisor, according to a feature on the firm from forbes. The move signifies an official transition away from exclusively pursuing venture capital and into a greater range of investment vehicles, including cryptocurrencies.

  if andreessen horowitz is becoming an ria, its cost structure just went way up, says raynard, explaining that a compliance officer will have to sign off on everything an employee at the.

  andreessen horowitz one of the richest and most famous firms on sand hill road is. Why this venture capital firm is forming an ria by sean allocca april 08, 2019, 407 p.

  andreessen horowitz will soon cease to be a venture capital firm, veering away from the majority of its sand hill road neighbors in silicon valley to instead become a.

The 10-year-old firm, founded by marc andreessen and ben horowitz, filed in march to become an ria, as it seeks greater flexibility in its investments, particularly when it comes to.

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Andreessen horowitz ria

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