Bitcoin seasonality chart

Bitcoin seasonality chart

  bitcoin seasonality chart and buying opportunities bitcoin seasonality can help investors determine the best times to buy or sell throughout the year. After prices dropped sharply during q1 of 2018, we can expect a stronger q2 ahead.

  the median returns show that february, april-june and october-december have been much more profitable for bitcoin investors. The chart also shows the volatility of monthly returns, with the ranges.

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Here are the seasonal charts for spx & ndx filtered for post-election years in general, there is a small window in february where prices either start out in a bullish move (spx) or stay flat (ndx), but then in both indexes there is a pullback that lasts for a couple months.

Seasonality is a phenomenon where price undergoes similar and predictable changes around the same period within every calendar year. These changes can happen in a specific meteorological season, growing season, quarter, month, holiday period or off-peak period.

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Bitcoin seasonality chart

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Bitcoin seasonality chart

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