Cfe vix trading hours

Cfe vix trading hours

  the new opening trading time applies only to vix futures all other cfe products to maintain current trading hours. Chicago, november 30 (reuters) the cboe futures exchange, a subsidiary of cboe holdings inc cboe. Or, it said on tuesday that it has changed the daily opening time for futures trading on the cboe volatility index.

Weekly expirations for vix futures are generally listed on thursdays (excluding holidays) and expire on wednesdays. Cfe may list up to six consecutive weekly expirations for vix futures. Vix weekly futures generally have the same contract specifications as monthly expiring vix contracts.

M central time next friday, a move that would allow investors to more efficiently manage their risk from potential market-moving.

  incrementally inching closer to a 24-hour market, earlier this month, the chicago board options exchange (cboe) introduced an extended trading session for options on u.

Pre-open 500 pm 500 pm on prior calendar day 500 pm on prior calendar day open 830 am 830am close 315 pm 315pm close time for expiring instruments 315 pm on day prior to final settlement date. Trading hours are set separately for each product and are listed as central time (ct).

Election, more than 108,000 options contracts traded in the extended trading hours. Cboe offers global trading hours for options and futures on the cboe volatility index (vix), the worlds proxy for market volatility, and s&p 500 index (spxsm) options, which are used globally for broad market exposure.

The hours for vix futures trading were expanded to almost 24 hours a day five days a week in june 2014. Spot vix is also calculated and quoted outside of us trading hours, beginning at 215 am chicago time which coincides with markets opening in europe.

  over the last several years, cboe futures exchange (cfe ) lengthened its extended trading hours in vix futures to accommodate customer requests for longer trading sessions outside of.

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Cfe vix trading hours

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Cfe vix trading hours

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