Debit spread calculator

Debit spread calculator

Call spread calculator shows projected profit and loss over time.

Call debit spreads are a bullish strategy which involves buying an option while at the same time selling an option with a higher strike price. The strategy generates a net debit at the outset and can be used to reduce the cost of opening a long call position.

Vertical spread calculator spread type( net debit or net credit ) stock price option type qty commission long leg option strike long leg option price short leg option strike short leg option price results capital required 0.

  the breakeven point for bullish (call) debit spreads using only two options of the same class and expiration is the lower strike (purchased) plus the net debit.

Credit spread calculator bull put spread bear call spread contracts strike price bought ask option premium strike price sold bid option premium calculate cash needed for the trade profit expected rate of return break even point see all calculators.

Suppose youve set 1,000 as the maximum amount youre willing to risk on a trade. Lets take a look at the debit vertical spread abovethe xyz 40-42 call spread which was purchased for 0. Because 60 represents your maximum risk per contract, you could buy 16.

Debit spread example assuming qqq is trading at 61, its mar 61 call options are trading at 0. 60, you could sell to open an equal amount of mar 64 calls for 0. 20 in order to bring the net debit of the position down to 0.

  credit spread is the difference between the yield (return) of two different debt instruments with the same maturity but different credit ratings. In other words, the credit spread is the difference in returns due to different credit qualities.

Put spread calculator shows projected profit and loss over time. A put spread, or vertical spread, can be used in a volatile market to leverage anticipated stock movement, while also providing limited risk.

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Debit spread calculator

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Debit spread calculator

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