Dota 2 weather effects for sale

Dota 2 weather effects for sale

This item changes the weather on the in-game map, even if you use anti-mage items. It is given out in genuine quality to players that leveled up the international 2016 battle pass to 215.

Trading all weathers for dota2 or csgo items! Price list 3 items for snow.

Check offers from our users for genuine weather ash from dota 2.

Trading all weathers for dota2 or csgo items! Price list 3 items for snow 3 items for rain 3 items for moonbeam 3.

If you have a vpgame account, you can get some of them them for 3500 points ( 1) each one. If you want to post on rdota2tradeyou have to register for a flair.

In other words the only terrain is the desert terrain which can neither be sold nor be marketed. Find out how much they are worth, find a seller, use the steam trading system (not the gift system) to get it.

  weather effects are cosmetic items that can be equipped to change the weather of the dota 2 map. This change will only be visible to the player that equips the item.

They say its pricey, but i got one of the weather effects last year for a 1.

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Dota 2 weather effects for sale

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Dota 2 weather effects for sale

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