Edgepark spectra s1

Edgepark spectra s1

Edgepark is the industry leader in durable medical equipment specializing in home delivery of insurance covered products, including electric, hospital grade & portable breast pumps. For over 90 years, we have been committed to delivering caring & quality service to mothers all over the country. Edgepark breast pumps helps you get the top breast pumps available through insurance at little.

The spectra s2plus is ultra-quiet and comfortable, and is designed to initiate, increase, and sustain a milk supply over a long period of time. Product information item jhmm011305 pump type double electric breast pump system closed suction 250mmhgmotor warranty 2-year warranty on pump motor, 90-day warranty on partsadapter batteries power adapter no battery powerweight 2.

Pack(age) of 1 ea item jhsp25l1 manufacturer mothers milk spectra baby usa wide neck replacement shield, 24 mm.

I used the battery pack with my pisa all the time and was constantly replacing the batteries. I picked the freemie since i knew they could be used with either of my other pumps if i decide i dont like the pump itself.

My insurance is partnered up with byram healthcare, edgepark, and mckesson for the free breast pump. I would like to get the spectra s1, but each of these vendors only offer the s2. Per my insurance it may be possible to upgrade by paying the difference out of pocket, which is perfectly fine with me.

  the spectra s1, limerick pjs comfort, and hygeia pumps are much more affordable. Any of those pumps would be an excellent choice for moms who need to pump often or have a low supply. If you find yourself in need of a hospital grade pump, talking with your hospital or doctor is a good place to start.

Medical supplies shipped free right to your home from edgepark medical supplies the nationwide leader in home-delivered medical products.

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Edgepark spectra s1

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