Flexible seating ideas for middle school

Flexible seating ideas for middle school

  often they have the option of working with other students. This flexibility includes being able to move again if their current location isnt working for them.

  i have the following options in my class floor seating with stadium seats and an ikea coffee table, 3 low tables with ikea stools, 1 lower table with crate seats,.

The physical environment of your classroom should be comfortable for students of all heights and.

  you can get a single ball or choose one with an inflatable base to keep it from rolling away. ) a stability ball is one of the most affordable flexible-seating options.

  the key to flexible seating is that it must be functional for students, and we all have some who work better at desks. To be exact, i kept 17 desks and added 12 plus flexible seating options (the plus comes from kids piling around the coffee table and using floor and window ledge space like seating).

I knew i wanted a sturdy coffee table for my art room but i couldnt pay a lot for it. I went to numerous garage sales and visited some local second hand stores for about two months and voilà! A five dollar solid wood coffee table with a laminate top popped up.

  although i had brought in standard desk chairs to accommodate them, all of these parents opted to try out the flexible seating options their students had been telling them about all weekthe floor pillows, adirondack chairs, tire seats, bucket stools, and so on.

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Flexible seating ideas for middle school

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