Ford philippines trade in

Ford philippines trade in

For any concerns or inquiries about your ford vehicle, our customer relationship center can be of assistance to you. Please call 632 8866 9408 or send us an email at emailusford.

Ford philippines reserves the right to change any detail regarding specification, prices, components and colors without prior notice. 5l trend mt srp is php 938,000 with cash discount of php 139,000 as per dti fair trade permit no.

Private sales or pre-owned ford or certified and special offers from all over philippines.

Find the nearest ford dealer in philippines with our easy-to-use dealer locator. Locate our car dealerships in balintawak, cebu, makati, manila, davao & more.

As of , ford car prices start at 799,000 for the most inexpensive model ecosport and goes up to 4. 612 million for the most expensive car model ford expedition. Currently ford is offering 11 new car models in the philippines.

After entering a few details you will get an estimate of the fair market value and trade-in value.

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Ford philippines trade in

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