Fxcm trading station vs mt4

Fxcm trading station vs mt4

Fxcmboth forex trading platfroms offer custom indicators, automated trading and strategy backtesting. If you dont need eas, trading station ii is much better choice.

  as far as strategies go, does the ssi indicator work in mt4-based strategies or is its use limited to fxcms homegrown strategies like range 1 & 2, breakout 1 & 2, etc. Welcome to the forum and welcome to fxcm, fil! Indicators for mt4 and trading station are written in different languages mql4 and lua respectively.

  hi i am new to forex i am opening demo account with fxcm and they have 2 trading platform and on the video of comparing mt4 vs fxcm they saying mt4 can go against you and there is no support and batter go with fxcm platform only small companies go with mt4 and in the video they giving advantage and disadvantage between the 2 and with mt4 you may loss more and a lot other bad info about mt4.

We offer many different platforms to suit your trading needs, but were particularly proud of our proprietary trading station. When you open an account with fxcm, you can trade from any platform.

Welcome to the bitcoin profit traders wanted uk guide to fxcm trading station vs mt4 our proprietary platform, trading station. Reputable fx brokers allows potential customers to download a free demo version of their software.

Im with fxcm and i use trade station and mt4 on the same account. I simply login into the account with both platforms using the same credentials. I place all my trades through mt4 as you will find the trade station has some significant limitations in placing trades on account setup for mt4.

There are two main trading platforms on the site, these are the fxcm trading station and their mt4 offering. The fxcm pro account is available to small hedge funds, retail brokers, and new market banks to access wholesale executions. While fxcm prime accounts are also available for high- or mid-frequency funds.

  which forex trading platform is best? (metatrader 4 vs ctrader) if playback doesnt begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the tvs watch history and influence.

Deposit and monthly volume requirements for their active trader platform. If your interested in mt4 and trade over 200mm per month, ask fxcm for a raw spread mt4. Yes, there will be a commission, but the pricing really is very good.

Metatrader which platform is best for forex trading? - youtube.

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Fxcm trading station vs mt4

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