Gemini computerized security system battery

Gemini computerized security system battery

  follow this video to identify a low battery and replace that low battery.

If the battery is low, low battery e02-00 service will appear in the display indicating a low battery condition. Test your central station communicator (activate dialer test programmed? Yes no) 1.

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The napco security system has a 12-volt 4, 5 or 7 amp hour rechargeable back up battery. When the battery voltage drops below normal, a low-battery signal is displayed on the keypad.

Assure optimum safety and security, familiarize yourself with this equipment. Periodically check its condition and state of readiness by testing it at least once a week in both the acbattery and battery-only modes (ask your alarm professional how to make these tests). Introduction important - test your system weekly test your sounding device.

User manuals, gemini security system operating guides and service manuals.

In all ul-listed or high-security installations, a valid user code must first be to enter the function menu, press entered followed by 2 to skip a function, answer no (. Page 16 k e y p a d f u n c t i o n s activate bell test? Activates the alarm (while disarmed) for about 2 seconds and a c t i v a t e b e l l t e s t y n performs a battery test.

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Gemini computerized security system battery

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Gemini computerized security system battery

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