Gpu max buffered frames

Gpu max buffered frames

  max pre-rendered (buffered) frames is a number of frames that were prepared by cpu for the gpu. This setting put slightly more load on the cpu but it improves the performance while may increase the latency slightly. Its actually a good idea to set it to max available level, until that point where youll be able to notice an input lag.

Open your nvidia control panel and under manage 3d settings look for maximum pre-rendered frames. Its the same thing as the game setting and you can read a description of what it does.

It means you will get between 0-1 pre-rendered frames when your gpu is maxed. As for the 0 setting in that game, i cant imagine what that actually does. You cant really have 0 pre-rendered frames with a maxed gpu, so perhaps it just reverts to system default (0-3 pre-rendered frames).

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  buffered frames are frames of the game that are rendered but havent been displayed yet.

  what does gpu max buffered frames mean, and should i bother with them? So yeah, ive never run into a setting entitled gpu max buffered frames.

I think its the same setting you can find in your nvidia control panel called max pre-rendered frames. It has something to do with forcing your cpu to limit itself until the gpu can keep up, which in some cases will result in better performance.

  the term maximum pre-rendered frames is used to describe the setting that controls the size of the flip queue. For each frame that you can pre-render and render, the cpu has to create a command buffer. This command buffer is then fed into the gpu and the images are displayed to you.

  in my own simple application, the rendering is behind the cursor by five frames with vsync engaged.

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Gpu max buffered frames

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