Head and shoulders forex

Head and shoulders forex

A head and shoulders pattern is also a trend reversal formation.

  the head and shoulders chart pattern is a price reversal pattern that helps traders identify when a reversal may be underway after a trend has exhausted itself.

  the forex head and shoulders is one of the most reliable chart patterns, with almost 90 accuracy and generating profits for decades. It does not take a seasoned trading eye to spot one forming on a chart. They dont come around often, but when they make, the profits can be considerable.

  the head and shoulders pattern is identified with three peaks with the middle peak standing out from the other two.

The head and shoulder chart pattern forex trading strategy is a price action strategy.

The head and shoulders pattern is one of the most reliable chart patterns in forex. It forms during a bullish trend and has the potential to reverse the uptrend.

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Head and shoulders forex

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Head and shoulders forex

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