How to finance engagement ring with bad credit

How to finance engagement ring with bad credit

  you dont need good or excellent credit to finance an engagement ring.

  snap finance can help you with the engagement ring financing you need even if you have bad or no credit. We know how important engagement ring financing is for you and snap finance is here to assist you along the way.

  with the average engagement ring ringing up at over 6,000, financing is often a popular option. While finding jewelry financing can be difficult with poor credit, there are three methods of financing that may provide the solution.

95 interest financing for up to 24 months on designer engagement rings, wedding rings, certified diamonds & fine jewelry. Quick & easy credit approvals with simple, transparent terms.

  obviously, using a personal loan to finance an engagement ring will tack on a considerable amount of interest to the total cost of your ring. But if a 0 financing offer isnt available to you, a personal loan could be a better option for financing an engagement ring than putting the ring on a credit card at the double-digit regular apr.

  best way to finance an engagement ring some jewelry stores offer 0 deferred financing for up to 12 months. This means you can finance a ring and pay no interest if you pay off the balance before the promotional period ends.

Were here to help with four simple steps for calculating a budget that works for you, as well as convenient financing options. So when you finally decide on the perfect engagement ring, you can be confident of a satisfying, quality purchase - not to mention one happy fiancée.

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Consider using our buy now pay later engagement rings financing plans when you need to say i love you. We even provide special options for people who need bad credit engagement rings financing. We offer a full selection of engagement rings and wedding rings using buy now pay later financing.

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How to finance engagement ring with bad credit

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