Lcc coin latest news

Lcc coin latest news

  what is litecoin cash? Litecoin cash was forked from litecoin on t block 1371111, with a 101 claim ratio. For every 1 ltc held at the fork block, ltc holders could claim 10 lcc. After the fork block, litecoin cash switched to sha256 proof-of-work hashes.

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The current coinmarketcap ranking is 1079, with a live market cap of 9,587,441 usd. It has a circulating supply of 722,172,825 lcc coins and a max.

  despite not much damage being done to litecoin cash (lcc), the coin continues to trend down today. Source coinmarketcap in the past seven days, litecoin cash (lcc) has lost 24. Litecoin cash is currently ranked as the 271st coin, with a market cap of 30.

  the fork will occur when litecoin reaches block 1,371,111. There will be a claim ratio of 101 which implies that for every 1 litecoin that you hold, you will receive 10 of litecoin cash (lcc). There will also be a minor premine of only 1 of the coins that will be used for the development fund.

Latest news about Lcc coin latest news

Lcc coin latest news

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