Mealpal cost per month

Mealpal cost per month

Get lunch for less than 6 from top restaurants in your neighborhood.

Prices shown in the map reflect the trial credits plan price.

49 per meal and allows you to roll over up to 8 unused meals per month.

  the grand total cost of my mealpal month (post-tax) was 56. Based on my calculations by going with this service i saved 96. 92 (also post-tax) on the lunches that i got, which is a great deal. Of course, i was pretty limited in what i could purchase for that discount but its still pretty significant.

99 per month and does not cover the cost of any meals, but covers the cost of access to the platform. 99 membership fee for free, but, will be charged for subsequent cycles as indicated below.

  at lunch time you show up, skip the line, scan the qr code from the app, and youre on your way. You purchase your meals in a 12 or 20 pack, which comes out to 6. Those meals are good for your 30-day billing cycle and meals do not roll over.

  after the first month, the deals will revert to originally priced plans with meals for 6. Try it out and let us know what you think! Get 30 off your first month with this link. Your meals will be under 5 for the first month! 12 meal planmonth 4.

That seemed fine, but at the end of my 12 meals it automatically charged me.

99 per day cost is excellent but only if the customer is willing to commit to the monthly minimum. As a result, that too may become an issue going forward because people like change, possibly going out to lunch one day or if they are traveling or working from home, they wont be using the mealpal service.

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Mealpal cost per month

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