Narrow range trading system

Narrow range trading system

The nr4 bar forex trading strategy is a price action trading system that is based on todays high to low price range that must be narrower than the previous 3 days. Before i get to the trading rules of the narrow range 4 bar trading system, heres some things that you need to know timeframe to trade daily preferred.

The nr7 pattern is the narrowest range bar (or candlestick) in 7 days. The 7 bar will have a range that is much smaller than the previous six candlesticks. A range is defined as the difference between the high price and the low price.

  narrow range trading strategy is a breakout-based method that assumes that the price of security trends up or down after a brief consolidation in a narrow range. The default lookback period of this strategy is 7 days which means that if the price range of any particular days is lowest as compared to last 7 days, then that day is termed as nr 7 day.

  narrow range trading strategy or nr7 trading strategy is a breakout based method which assumes that the price of a security trends up or down after a brief consolidation in a narrow range. The default look back period of this strategy is 7 days which means that if the price range of any particular days is lowest as compared to last 7 days, then that day is termed as nr7 day.

Simple still works in trading and the key is discipline and consistency. Without those, any type of success will be short-lived regardless of the merits of your trading system. As you head into the trading strategy, keep in mind everything youve covered up to here.

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Narrow range trading system

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