Neo usdt chart

Neo usdt chart

The neo currency is in a good position, we are in an uptrend in the four-hour time frame. As you can see, after the recent fall of bitcoin, we had good support at 100. But in one hour time frame, we wait for the correction line to fail and then after resetting the broken surface, we can enter.

Analysis if we look at the chart of neo its obvious that the 50dema act as a base (support) for the bullish trend on the daily chart. Right now the current price of neo is trading above 25coin from the average. Right now the best decision that you can made is to wait until the price go down to meet with the average in order to place a low risk.

  in the short term, we can see an acceleration in the bearish trend on neo - neousdt, which is a positive signal for sellers.

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5 million coins and a total volume exchanged of 1,956,174,331.

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Neo usdt chart

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Neo usdt chart

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