Oanda mt4 invalid account

Oanda mt4 invalid account

  oanda mt4, an invalid account error, occurs when traders do not enter the right password or server name, or username in the metatrader account. If any of these parameters are incorrect, the user will get an invalid account message. The mt4 account user name is a number sent to the trader at the time of account opening by email.

  though forex traders can open several accounts at a time to make forex trading convenient for them, sometimes you cannot log in to your mt4 account as it shows an mt4 invalid account error.

Check the last entry in the journal tab to find out the exact reason invalid account means that some of the credentials you entered upon login are incorrect - it could be account number, password or the trading server.

  i have set up a practice trade account with oanda and cant find the server.

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Oanda mt4 invalid account

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