Sao fatal bullet best party members

Sao fatal bullet best party members

Best party members in terms of buffs, heals, aka not dying -.

Find you need to get the npcs into your friend list i believe).

Go to your friends list, should be on the menu with two people, press p on your ai and you should be able to switch it with someoneadd them to the squadron.

Weapon 2 lightning (base to mk3) skill set 2 a) health recovery bullet 1-3.

  with high dex it only takes 2-3 handgun bullets to the head to kill after they revive. In 1 minute and xp increasing accessories you can get 16,000 xp per kill with 12 kills per minute so. Best place to do this is near the cave map point in the starter area.

After finding different things all over, most with missing information, i wanted to post exactly what i did to receive the arfa-charm. One raise the affection of the following characters to rank 4 and 75 arfa-sys kureha zeliska itsuki bazalt joe.

A player can be invited to a party by opening the menu and selecting the party option. If the player does not have the person they are inviting on their friend list, they may use the option to select the person by touching their color cursor in their view.

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Sao fatal bullet best party members

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