Xenoblade chronicles 2 dev level

Xenoblade chronicles 2 dev level

Development levels, or dev levels, are a mechanic in xenoblade chronicles 2. It measures a nations level of economic development and the reputation of the player, similarly to area affinity in xenoblade chronicles.

  this guide will tell you how to increase development (dev) level in xenoblade chronicles 2 so you can learn everything you need to know to increase dev level, gain access to more quests, receive discounts in stores and even increase the stock variety in shops.

  dev level represents the amount of development of an area in xenoblade chronicles 2. High dev level means better shops, with more stock and lower prices. In order to increase it, youll have to devote some time and spend some cash. This guide will show you how to increase dev level in xenoblade chronicles 2.

  you can raise the level by trading in materials at the traders for gold. Best way to grind the development level is to buy salvaging stuff, grind the materials from that, then trade those materials in. Doing any quests in the area, talking with npcs with the stars next to their speech bubble and buying goods also contributes.

  for xenoblade chronicles 2 on the nintendo switch, a gamefaqs message board topic titled indol development level (spoilers).

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Xenoblade chronicles 2 dev level

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