Xl catlin blockchain

Xl catlin blockchain

  observers are divided, however, on whether the potentially radical and transformative effects of blockchain technology will be realized in the near-term, one-two years, or are still five-ten years distant.

  acord blockchain corda insurwave marine insurance microsoft ms amlin pilot poc smart contracts solvency ii willis tower watson women in blockchain xl catlin insurwave , the new marine insurance blockchain platform launched by ey, guardtime, microsoft, willis tower watson, xl catlin.

  coverages underwritten by lloyds syndicate 2003 are placed on behalf of the member of syndicate 2003 by catlin canada inc.

Mller-maersk, microsoft and insurance industry leaders willis towers watson, xl catlin, ms amlin and acord announce members of the marine industry are using insurwave, a blockchain platform to support marine hull insurance.

  the insurers team up with the likes of ey and microsoft to develop the new platform, which xl catlin says is the first for the global marine insurance industry insurers xl catlin, ms amlin, willis towers watson and acord have teamed up to launch a marine insurance platform on blockchain technolog y.

  the blockchain journey what prompted xl catlin to explore blockchain in 2016 was the desire to make it easier to administer contracts, especially reinsurance contracts. In q1q2 2016 they partnered with a blockchain start-up called chainthat to build a poc (proof of concept).

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Xl catlin blockchain

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